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Let's Talk Internal Audit Transformation

Transforming Internal Audit into a Strategic Business Partner [Episode 1]

In this video you will learn what it takes for an internal audit head to move internal audit practice from a mere assurance provider to a strategic business partner. It depends quite a lot on the leadership of a CAE. There are certain changes that you will have drive within the Internal Audit practice.

Santhosh Nellayappan, product head of Audit360, interviews Tanmoy Sengupta, Audit & Risk Head, EGTC Group.

Digital Internal Audits: How Should MFIs Approach? [Episode 2]

In this video you will learn how MFIs should approach digital transformation in general and Internal Audit digital transformation in particular. Mr. Rashid here brings in the perspective of a CFO. He is bullish about digitization and suggest a practical approach for MFI to evaluate digital products.

Santhosh Nellayappan, product head of Audit360, interviews Mr. Rashid, CFO, PACT Myanmar.

Digitization of Checklist-based Audits

Introduction to Audit360

This video gives gives a quick overview of how Audit360 digitizes checklist based Audits?

Why Organizations need Checklist Based Audit?

This video gives gives you an idea about where checklist based audit is relevant and how it adds great value to organizations.