Transform the way you capture, compile & share primary internal audit data

Make field audits digital-at-source with digital checklists

Auditors Mobile App - Enhancing Audit Mobility

Capture observations quickly & precisely using predefined response buttons & disposition codes.

Secure Audit Tool - Ensuring Data Security

Capture values / inputs in predefined digital format - number, date, text, percentage.

Data Management for Auditors - Efficient Handling

Type in remarks & observations for a checkpoint. Entering confidential remarks sets escalation workflow rolling.

Digital Audit Solution - Elevating Auditing

Smoothly navigate between checklists. You will never be lost whatever execution sequence you follow.

Capture digital evidences as part of the checklist data

Capture video, photo and audio evidences at a process or single checkpoint level. Capture multiple evidences for a checkpoint. All evidences are correctly linked and stored against the checkpoint & audit.

Use execution modes to optimize field work

Offline Mode

This is an automatic switch. The auditor's app automatically switches between online and offline mode without obstructing work. You can set a limit on number of checklists that can be filled in offline mode. The data is immediately synced with the server when app goes online.

Modern Auditing Software - Cutting-edge Technology
Streamline Audit Processes - Process Optimization

Use lightning / express mode when you want to capture audit responses in bulk without loosing accuracy. Like when auditing large groups or samples.

Audit Data Capture - Efficient Information Gathering

Use classic mode when you want to run through each checkpoint in detail, add comments or capture inputs. This is the most used mode of Auditor360 app.

Professional Auditing Application - Expert Audit Tool

Use modern mode when you want to get everything done from a single screen using latest navigation styles like auto selections, cards, swipes, expand, collapse, etc.

Ensure security & reliability of audit data with Audit360 app

Auditors Mobile App - Managing Digital Evidence

Digital evidences cannot be attached from the device gallery. Evidences have to taken live using the device camera or audio recorder.

Secure Audit Tool - Synchronization

In offline mode, the data stored in devices is encrypted. It is immediately synced with the server when network returns.

Data Management for Auditors - Geotagging Support

Audits get geo-tagged to ensure authenticity of execution. Geo-tagging happens even in offline mode.

Digital Audit Solution - MPIN Security

BYOD rules like IMEI device linking, MPIN, enterprise user authentication are built-in.

Set preferences and configurations for a great Auditor Experience

Audit Practice Elevation - Scheduled Audits

Schedule audits on the go from the field.

Modern Auditing Software - Dynamic Checklists

Program conditional (if-else like) checkpoint execution using dynamic checklists.

Streamline Audit Processes - Viewing Past Audits

Manage workload with upcoming & past audit views.

Audit Data Capture - Custom Checklists

Dynamically pick checkpoints in real time. Or, work on pre-assigned checklists.

Professional Auditing Application - Multi-Lingual Support

Execute audits in the language of your choice

Auditors Mobile App - Dark Mode Interface

Switch to dark mode any time


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