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Multidimensional Scalability

Multitenant Implementation

Multitenant Implementation

Separate application instances for internal audit department and process-led audits

Scalable Usage

Scalable Usage

Easy to optimize for peak loads. Architecture supports any number of users & audits.

Flexible Audit Durations

Flexible Audit Durations

No limits on how long the audits last. Schedules can be 15 min, 15 days or 60 days long.

Any Number of Audit Types

Any Number of Audit Types

No restrictions on number of audit types - configure as many as you require

Configurable & Customizable

Configurable & Customizable

Modular design for building custom features. 35+ workflow configurations available out of the box

Cloud & In-Premise

Cloud & In-Premise

Options to deploy the application in Private Cloud or In-Premise

Want to know more about how Audit360 helps you scale audit operations without any hassles?

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Digital Tools For Auditors & Auditees

The Auditors' App

No more spreadsheet work

In traditional audit management systems a great deal of Auditors' time is spent on updating spreadsheets. With Audit360's Auditor App once an audit is submitted, the reports are automatically generated. You spend more time on conducting audits & analysis.

Workflow for Financial Institutions
Auditing Tools for Financial Institutions

Work from Anywhere Anytime

Auditor's app provides mobility on the field. No manual maintenance of records is needed. The audits get updated in real time. Auditors can finish work from any location.

Work in Offline Mode

The Auditor App automatically switches to offline mode when in no signal zone. This allows Auditors to continue audits in spite of network outage. They can even submit an audit in offline mode.

Audit360 Offline Mode - Financial Audit Software
Audit360 Remote Audits - Smartphone Use

Experience Richness of Digital Interfaces

Auditor App has built in security & digital-at-source data capture facility providing features like 2-factor-authentication, geo tagging, encrypted data transfer, real time image capture, real time notifications, disposition code selection & rich interactive UI

Auditor app has many digital age advanced features perfect for a bank's branch audits. Want to know more?

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The Auditee App

Save Time

Traditionally audit sign-offs and issue resolution are seen as overhead tasks by Auditees. Auditee App brings a paradigm shift in Auditee process by utilizing the concept of working in "FLOW". It helps Auditees provide just-in-time audit updates making their life easy while at the same time improving audit process efficiency.

Audit360 MFI - Financial Institution Auditing
Audit360 App Classic Mode - Financial Institution Auditing

Real time visibility

Many banks have a policy of parallel visibility with different ways of signing off and resolving issues. Auditee App makes it easy for the Auditees to update statuses in real time while audits are going on. Audit data flow, communication & tracking of issues are easily managed.

Auditee App smoothens Auditor - Auditee communication.
There are many unique advantages of the Auditee App. Want to know more?

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Workflow Automation

Audit planning & sheduling

Audit360 automates planning and scheduling processes. Once scheduled the distribution of audits is instant. You can manage multiple scheduling, rescheduling, schedule reassignment and other planning parameters from a single application.

Dynamic Picking in Audit360 - Banking Audit Software
Auditee Workflow in Audit360 - Financial Institutions

Multi-level reviews

Every audit department has slight variations in their audit review workflow depending on organization's policies. Within the same organizations review process can vary even across departments. Audit360 provides you workflow configurations to manage multiple levels of review. It is just a matter of changing few configurations to activate new workflows.

Auditee sign-off and issue resolution

Like review process, every bank has their unique auditee sign off and issue resolution workflows as well. Audit360 provides you multiple configurations to set up auditee, respondent & approver driven workflows. You can configure automated reminder emails & in-app notifications.

Issue Tracking in Audit360 - Financial Institution Auditing

Want to know how Audit360 takes care of your workflow automation requirements?

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Reports & Dashboards

Multiple levels of reporting

Audit reporting in banks is complex. You need ways to filter data for branch reports, issue resolution reports, audit committee reports, data warehousing & more. Audit360's unique tagging mechanism allows you to build these filters with ease.

Grouping Subaudits in Audit360 - Financial Institutions
Audit360 Conformance Dashboard

Conformance reporting

Audit360 provides conformance dashboards where you can track the audit statuses and performance in near real time. You can slice and dice data across mutiple dimensions.

Compliance reporting

Audit360 provides advanced compliance reporting dashboards for banks. You can slide and dice audit compliance data based on dimensions and tags. You can generate multiple level drill down reports and even export them to excel or pdf formats.

Audit360 Compliance Dashboard

What to know how you can get deeper insights using Audit360 dashboards?

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Top Notch Support

Local Support Center

Audit360 team provides local real time support to the banks. We also provide support in local language. Besides the effectiveness our support is appreciated by our clients for its cultural and language sensitivity.

Online Support for Audit360 - Financial Audit Solutions
Audit360 AI and ML - Banking Audit Software

AI based video help

We provide Audit360's video help repository as part of the product with an an AI based video search capability. Whenever you are searching for answers, looking for product help, you are taken to precise point inside the video where your answers are.

Fortnightly User-experience Webinars

We run fortnightly user-experience webinars for our customers. Here your audit team can refine their digital skills and learn about new features. They can also ask questions & clarify doubts. These sessions provide you an informal platform to interact openly with the product team.

Audit360 Webinar - Financial Institution Audit Tools


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