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Manage all your Audit Types in One Place

Audit Checklist Configuration

Be it Branch, CGT, GRT, disbursement, collections, HR or admin audits, with Audit360 you can organize all of your audit checklists along with their workflow and reporting settings in a single place.

Sample audits are easy to set up in Audit360. For example, you can configure center audits as annexures and link them to a branch audit. That's it. Now Audit360 workflow will take care of execution nitty-gritties and audit data consolidation. No lag. No spreadsheet merge mayhem. No inaccuracies.

Audit Checklist Configuration - Microfinance Audit Solution
Weighted Audit Scoring

Weighted Audit Scoring

Besides automated workflow, Audit360  takes care of audit scoring too. Once you have configured weighted compliance scores & risk rating for audit types, audit scores get automatically calculated, rolled-up and reported for each audit executions.

You can even include policies like percentage-based slabs, negative scoring and an average score distribution. Audit360 comprehensively covers MFI industry’s popular audit scoring methods. On top of it, if you want to inject your own custom formulae, it is quick and easy.

Want to know how you can configure your branch, center and process audit checklists, workflows and scores in Audit360?

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Digital-at-Source Execution of Audits

Easy Scheduling and Distribution

Audit360 provides an intuitive audit scheduling interface. The built-in controls combined with Auditor App make it easy to accept, start, finish, reschedule, and cancel audits. You can handle many complex scheduling scenarios like assigning an audit to multiple auditors, parallel scheduling and surprise-audits-vs-informed- audits with simple selections in the schedule form.

Easy Scheduling and Distribution - Audit 360
Auditor App for Field and Branch Audits

Auditor App for Field and Branch Audits

Conducting audits with Audit360 app is intuitive, structured & digital-at-source. It removes ambiguity & friction when capturing audit observations, data, & evidence.

With Audit360 app in his hands, an auditor finds no resistance switching over to branch audit after early morning center audit runs. The app lays out checklists & checkpoints in the right order. The auditor can even pick different modes in the app to improve the speed of audit. Best of all, post audit completion, they don't have to consolidate spreadsheet reports anymore.

Security & Fraud Control

Audit360 app makes your field and branch audits more secure and less prone to frauds.

For example, when an auditor starts an audit, captures an evidence or submits an audit, the respective locations get geotagged. Any discrepancy is easy to spot.

In another fraud control feature, digital evidence cannot be attached from a phone’s media library. This enforces auditors to record evidences live.

The advanced information security features like two-factor authentication & data encryption are in-built in the app.

Security & Fraud Control

Want to know more about the auditor app and how it can give you more visibility and control? Would you like to learn how you can improve field audit efficiency by enabling different modes of the app?

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Review Process Automation

Real-time Visibility

With Audit360, audit supervisors get real time visibility into field and branch audits. They can quickly find answers for questions like, whether audits have been initiated or not, whether auditors have reached the branch / center locations or not, are audits proceeding as planned, how many checkpoints are still pending and more...

Upon submission of an audit, a supervisor can review checkpoint responses and proofs in real time. They can quickly push audits for corrections and sign-offs.

Review Process Automation - Real-time Visibility
Automated Review Workflows

Automated Review Workflows

Audit360 comes with a built-in standard maker-checker workflow with multiple review cycles. This addresses needs of 90% of MFIs globally. But sometimes you want more than the standard review flow, say a review must include auditee inputs as well.

For this purpose, Audit360 provides out-of-the-box advanced review workflows. If you still find you want more tweaks, the advanced workflows are easy to customize.

Want to know more about Audit360's review process workflow automation? Would you like to see how Audit360 will handle your unique audit review process?

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Sign off & Issue Resolution Process Automation

Digital Workflows

Audit360 has built in standard workflows for auditee signoff and issue resolution processes. Web & mobile app access is provided to auditees to update audit statuses. Auto-generated rule-based email notifications help audit teams with timely follow-ups.

Audit360 also provides advanced workflows which allow you to orchestrate sign-off and issue resolution automation in accordance with you policies.

workflows for auditee signoff and issue resolution processes.
Auditee Apps - Microfinance Audit Solutions

Auditee App

While Audit360’s web-based interface gives you 70% to 80% efficiency improvement over existing issue resolution and sign-off methods, the Auditee App takes auditee efficiency to a whole new level.

Auditee app is fast and intuitive. It provides an anywhere-anytime access of audits & issues to branch managers. This means when they are traveling to a center location where an audit issue getting resolved, they can quickly knock-off it from their list just-in-time.

This has productivity gains both for the branch manager and the audit team.

Would you like to know more about the issue resolution automation and how auditee app can add to the audit process efficiency?

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Comprehensive Reporting & Dashboarding

Conformance Reports

In Audit360 audit conformity, completion and status reports are available in real time. You can check how many audits are in progress, completed or still not attempted. You can slice and dice this data to check auditor, branch or region wise progress of audits.

Conformity dashboards are updated in near real time. While they present to you summary data in many useful formats, you can drill down the summary data to investigate checkpoint-level details as well. It helps you extract more value from your reports without any effort.

Audit360 Compliance Dashboard
Drill Across in Audit360 Dashboard

Compliance Reports

Audit360 has the most comprehensive internal audit dashboard for MFI industry.

From summary view to region, branch, and center level drill downs, you can filter data as per your reporting needs. You can slice and dice compliance data across multiple dimensions. You can extract insights from these views which are impossible or too expensive to plot using consolidated spreadsheets.

You can even export compliance reports in your standard word, excel or pdf reporting formats. The dashboard charts give you confidence in leading audit committee's attention to points that matter the most.

Would you like to see Audit360 dashboard in action with real internal audit data?

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