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The Million Year Offer

Valid till 30th September 2021
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The Offer

  • 100% discount on onboarding fees for up to 5 auditors
    50% discount on onboarding fees for 6 to 10 auditors
    20% discount on onboarding fees for >10 auditors
  • 1 month of USAGE ASSURANCE service is FREE.
  • For >50 auditors, additional 20% discount per auditor license for next 6 months.

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up to

Reduce the CAPEX on
Digital Audits

The biggest challenge right now for most businesses is the initial cost of digitization. But this is also the time when your investment in digital internal audits will pay off the most.

So, we  have decided to bring down the CAPEX of digitization for you.

  • We are giving discounts on Audit360 onboarding.
  • Usage assurance service will be free for the first month.
  • We will host the application in cloud for you. This way initial set up cost and total cost of ownership will be low.
  • Sometimes you want small customizations to fit your situation. So, we are giving you discounts on customizations too.
  • There are many premium features of Audit360 that could make immediate impact. So, we have discounted purchase of premium features as well.
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The Proven RoI

In July we touched 2 Million digital audits in Audit360, of which 1 Million digital audits were clocked in last one year

That is to say, our customers did as many audits in last 1 year as they did in 3.5 years before that. While pandemic was creating havoc for most of audit teams, our customers were quickly able to adapt because they had digital audits at hand.

Our customers were able to
  > Control costs better,
  > Run audits faster,
  > Continue operations
  > Respond to restrictions
  > Audit the new remote WFH set ups fast
  > Cover-up the lost time

So, after pandemic they doubled down on digital audits. The proof is here in the numbers. Just last month, we have recorded 300,000 digital audits. A 3X increase in the monthly audit count.

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Digital Audits in
1 month

Feature discounts

discount on
Premium Features

In this offer you get all the standard enterprise features of Audit360

  • The auditors mobile app
  • Workflow automation
  • Real time reports
  • Dashboards
  • And the issue resolution workflow

Get additional discount on premium features. Premium features include,

  • Remote audits
  • RCA capture
  • New advanced reporting
  • Configurable reports
  • Signature and Selfie capture

And more...

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Immediate Benefits

These are immediate & long running benefits of Audit360:

  • 60% time saving
  • Better cost control
  • Remarkable improvement in speed of audits
  • Increase in capacity to cover larger scope and scale of audits in short time
  • Agility to swiftly adjust to changing internal audit needs
  • Improvement in efficiency of execution from audit creation to final reporting
  • Better communication with management & ease of managing closures
  • Ease of generating reports
  • Deeper analysis
  • Ease of audit performance comparison
  • Better operations tracking
  • High reliability of audit data
  • Ease of availability of past audit analysis for better planning
  • Ability to cater to ad hoc audit requests with ease
  • Ability to take up agile and strategic audits
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time saving

faster reporting

Upto 70%
cost saving

Success Stories

"be it 5 or 600
our clients are doing
2X more digital audits
after pandemic"

Our clients have reaped the benefits of Audit360 during pandemic. Post pandemic they have doubled down on digital audits.

One of our BFSI client has 600 branches. Each branch caters to 20 to 30 centers.

They manage all their checklist based audits digitally with Audit360.

A typical audit can last anywhere from 10 minutes to 15 days. The entire range of audits are easily managed from Audit360.

Another MFI client has 5 branches. They are managing members’ audits efficiently & reliably because of the digital tools available.

With lifting of Covid-19 restrictions, they have covered up the lost time quickly.

Audit data is as updated now as it would have been under normal conditions.

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The Million Year Effect

Assuming an average a team of 120 auditors, then in next 5 years you will save 1 Million hours with Audit360.

What does a million hours saved translate to in terms of cost saving or investment opportunities?

What does it mean for you in terms of growth & opportunities?

1 Million



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